"Ever since I was little, I saw things other people didn't..."

ようこそ!! Welcome to A Thousand Friends, the TAFL.Com-approved fanlisting for Midorikawa Yuki-sensei's beautiful series in all its forms, Natsume Yuujinchou (also known as Natsume's Book of Friends). The series tells the story of Natsume Takashi, a quiet and somewhat haunted young man who inherited his grandmother Natsume Reiko's dubious talent of perceiving youkai -- spirit beings that most people can barely sense, let alone see and hear clearly. He also inherits his grandmother's yuujinchou, or "Book of Friends", a book containing the names of all of the many, many youkai that Reiko had defeated in (mostly) playful combat. Natsume's life, already tumultuous enough, turns upside down when he accidentally frees Madara, a youkai spirit who hides in plain sight as a very fat calico cat, who wants the Book of Friends all to himself...and what ensues isn't a rollicking adventure, but rather a slice-of-life that intersects with folk-fantasy in a sweet, life-affirming, and uplifting story. I've adored Natsume Yuujinchou since I first watched it; if you're also a fan of this beautiful series, won't you consider joining the fanlisting? ♥


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